Writing Update

The Seeds of Dissolution is out, but I’m still writing! My next novella in the Dissolutionverse is going to be a murder mystery a la Sherlock Holmes. I drafted the outline back in November, and started writing on the 26th of December. As of yesterday, it’s officially over 10000 words long! I usually put my novellas at about 35000 to 40000 words, so that means I’m 1/3 to 1/4 of the way done with the first draft. Not bad for two weeks!

This one features Mandamon Feldo, a council member for the maji, who has appeared in both Tuning the Symphony and The Seeds of Dissolution. However this story is set about 50 cycles before the latest novel, when Mandamon was still a young man, involved with a secretive society of the maji. I’m excited to share it with you when it’s finished!

My plans are to write this novella and another, mid grade adventure, before getting starting on the second Seeds book. As a personal (and maybe optimistic) goal, I’m trying to have the two novellas at least mostly finished by May, so that I can start the outline and maybe writing the next book for an early 2019 release.

If you followed my Kickstarter for the first novel, I may try something similar for the two novellas together, to help raise money for covers and artwork. Seeing those glimpses of the universe is very important to me and I love how they mesh with the text.

So keep your ears open! I’ll try to update this space every few weeks with how the writing process is going. For now, take a look at my already published works:

Tuning the Symphony

Merchants and Maji

The Seeds of Dissolution. You can watch and listen to me read the first two chapters here and here!

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