The Seeds of Dissolution Kickstarter is over, and other writing thoughts

The frantic month-long Kickstarter campaign for The Seeds of Dissolution has finally come to an end! I was a little concerned for a few days in the middle that I wouldn’t meet my goal, but the project certainly ended with a bang, crossing three stretch goals in the last week, two of which were on the last day! I’m very happy with the end result, and I’m working with the artists on the map and illustrations, and with the editor on the final pass through the story (after a couple rounds of beta-readers this summer).

I’ll be setting the book up on Amazon soon, and look for it to hit the store at the end of November or the beginning of December. The Kickstarter backers will be getting their books first, though!

In between finishing up odds and ends on the book, I’ll also be doing the second editing pass on a short story I’m writing for the Kickstarter backers. I’ll make this available eventually, but for now it will be an exclusive for  the backers. After that’s finished, I’ll be starting work on the next Dissolutionverse novella! I have plans for 4-6 more already in my head (along with the Seeds series, which will likely be three books). The next novella will be a Sherlock Holmes-style murder mystery, set many years before the events of The Seeds of Dissolution, or even of Tuning the Symphony.

After that, I’ll be mixing things up a bit. When I go to cons, I often have a lot of kids come to the table looking for a new book, but the ones I’ve written so far are suitable more for 12 or 14 and up. So I’ve decided to expand the Dissolutionverse and add some mid-grade stories, which can still be enjoyed by adults as well. This idea is still in its infancy but look for maybe 1-3 novellas in this genre to join the series!

Back to writing!

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