Worlds I am currently inhabiting:

The Dissolutionverse

The Dissolutionverse is a society of ten interstellar homeworlds connected by magic instead of space flight. The homeworlds are connected to each other and to a central hub, called the Nether, through portals only the maji can make. Thus the maji are central to keeping the economy of the ten homeworlds going.

This is where I have spent the most time writing and is my self-published line of books.  I have two novellas, Tuning the Symphony and Merchants and Maji available in my store.

Interview for Tuning the Symphony

Publisher’s Weekly Review

Interview for Merchants and Maji

I will be running a kickstarter for a novel:  The Seeds of Dissolution in August 2017.

I have plans for two more novels, and at least four more novellas bouncing around in my brain.

Epic Fantasy work

This novel is currently out to agents.

The gods of the seasons gave fruit to the world, and with it a duty to protect their first children, who lacked magic. Instead, the magic users enslaved those around them, keeping the secret of the godfruit for themselves. Mistborn’s magic meets Ancillary Justice’s identity crisis, when two slaves find the seed of the fifth godfruit and change civilization

Flash Fiction

Quantum Shorts - Entry for "Quantum Shorts 2015", for quantum-inspired flash fiction