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First off, the big news: my new book, The Seeds of Dissolution, will release on Amazon on Dec 19th. If you’ve read Tuning the Symphony, this story is where that novella came from, because I asked myself, “How did Rilan and Origon meet?” In The Seeds of Dissolution, they are twenty years older, and a lot more has happened between them after that first adventure. If you’ve read Merchants and Maji, the second story in that novella happens just a few weeks before the events of the new book. If you were wondering about a certain plot point that didn’t quite get wrapped up, you’ll learn a lot more about it The Seeds of Dissolution…


You can read the first two chapters here

From now until December 23rd, you can get a copy on Amazon for only $0.99.

Writing this book was both a fun and exhausting process. I already had a good grasp on this story, and it still took almost a year, between writing it, getting beta reader feedback, revisions, running a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the illustrations, making final edits, and getting the final product out the door. However, I’m really pleased with the result. Thanks to my beta readers, and the inspiration from the artwork, there’s a lot more depth to this story than in previous versions.

The new character in this story is Sam, who finds himself in the Nether. Sam must search for what happened to his home, while coping with his anxiety at being in a new place. He’s surrounded by aliens, but soon meets sister and brother twins, also new to the Nether. They support him during his panic attacks, and Sam finds he’s attracted to both of them, but can’t choose. His viewpoint alternates with Origon’s, who is tracking down the strange phenomenon on the moon of Methiem, and Rilan’s, who uses her position on the Council of the Maji to keep the Assembly safe from threats of an ancient, shape-changing species of assassins.

What’s Next?
I’m already in the middle of outlining a Sherlock Holmes-esque murder mystery novella. This Dissolutionverse story takes place about fifty years before The Seeds of Dissolution and thirty before Tuning the Symphony. It will be from the viewpoint of a young Mandamon Feldo as he learns about the Society of Two Houses. I hope to have it out sometime in 2018, along with…

A Mid-grade Dissolutionverse novella. I have some ideas about the general plot and characters (one of whom you will very briefly hear from in The Seeds of Dissolution), but this will be written after the murder mystery. I have a lot of kids and parents come up to my tables at cons, wondering if my books are age-appropriate for younger readers. I feel like many of the topics I cover are not as engaging for young readers, so I wanted something that captures the wonder and vibrancy of the Dissolutionverse, while being a little easier to read. And if kids enjoy it, there is certainly room for more adventures with these characters.

I’ll be working on these two starting at the end of 2017, leading into 2018, and then start in on Book 2 in the Dissolution Cycle.

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