Writing Update

The Seeds of Dissolution is out, but I’m still writing! My next novella in the Dissolutionverse is going to be a murder mystery a la Sherlock Holmes. I drafted the outline back in November, and started writing on the 26th of December. As of yesterday, it’s officially over 10000 words long! I usually put my […]

Symphonies and Novels

I went to the Symphony a few weeks ago. Their focus that night was the baroque, so I spent the evening listening to Bach and Vivaldi. If you’re not familiar with classical music, the baroque style is regular and easy to anticipate, and if you’ve heard one piece by Bach, the others will seem similar. […]

Book Release!

First off, the big news: my new book, The Seeds of Dissolution, will release on Amazon on Dec 19th. If you’ve read Tuning the Symphony, this story is where that novella came from, because I asked myself, “How did Rilan and Origon meet?” In The Seeds of Dissolution, they are twenty years older, and a […]

Thunderclap for the Kickstarter

Hi folks! I’ve started up a Thunderclap to spread the word about my upcoming kickstarter. If you want to help out, just go here and you can help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr! it will send out a one-time message when the Thunderclap campaign ends (August 2nd). Thanks!