The Seeds of Dissolution is on Kickstarter!

The campaign is running from August 15 to September 16th. There are lots of backer rewards, like buttons, desktop wallpapers, a new short story, and of course getting your hands on The Seeds of Dissolution first! If I hit stretch goals, then there will be some more interior illustrations, and backers will get more goodies […]

Writing Cruise, WorldCon in Helsinki, and a little bit of a cover!

I’m getting my things packed to fly out tomorrow for the 2017 Writing Excuses Cruise! I’ll have a week with a lot of awesome writers, plus our illustrious Podcast hosts and their guest instructors. Then, I’m going to be touring around castles in Germany before flying up to Helsinki for WorldCon 75! It’s going to […]

Thunderclap for the Kickstarter

Hi folks! I’ve started up a Thunderclap to spread the word about my upcoming kickstarter. If you want to help out, just go here and you can help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr!┬áit will send out a one-time message when the Thunderclap campaign ends (August 2nd). Thanks!

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