Writing Excuses Retreat 2017 – On a Ship, Take 3, Part the Second

This week, I’m continuing my blog from last week, which details the second half of our European writing adventure. Along for the ride were me, my wife, her mother, all the instructors, and about 150 fellow writers. Last week, I wrote about Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Talinn, and classes on fear and writing, worldbuilding, agenting, action […]

Writing Excuses Retreat 2017 – On a Ship, Take 3, Part the First

Last week my wife, her mother, and I returned from a two week tour of Europe, visiting six countries, castles galore, old friends and new, listening to some great authors teach and read to us. It was a business trip, really. Most of it. Some of it. The parts where I was writing… We were […]

The Seeds of Dissolution is on Kickstarter!

The campaign is running from August 15 to September 16th. There are lots of backer rewards, like buttons, desktop wallpapers, a new short story, and of course getting your hands on The Seeds of Dissolution first! If I hit stretch goals, then there will be some more interior illustrations, and backers will get more goodies […]

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